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 Getting a moon

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Getting a moon Empty
PostSubject: Getting a moon   Getting a moon Icon_minitimeThu Jul 10, 2008 8:39 am

Thinking of getting a moon?

1. First Steps

In some situations you may need to contact a Go for permission first before initiating the "Moon shot" or "Moonchance". These are:

* A-When you are paying a higher ranked player to build a fleet to the crash into your planet. The payment may not exceed the cost of the moon shot.
* s-When you crash a moonshot fleet into a higher ranked players planet and he recycles the DF with the intent of repaying you your losses.

The basic rule of thumb is if the higher ranked player ends up with any profit it'll be a push and banable. To open a ticket for a moonshot click here http://support.ogame.org/. It will be helpful to the GO if you know the relative time and cords of the planets involved when opening the ticket. The situations that do not need permission first are when each player crashes an equal moonshot fleet into each others planets and each recycle their own DF or when you just leave a moonshot fleet sitting on your planet hoping that someone will crash it while you're offline.

2. After permission is gained

You will need to think about where you will be having your moon, the size that you would like your moon, and the amount of res that you are prepared to use to get your moon.

If you've been crashed and have a moon smaller than 8k already over the planet you would like to have a larger and as such more useful and less likely to be destroyed moon instead you can delete your moon as you would a colony and try for a larger one. I highly suggest if it is a planned moonshot to not scrimp on the fleet for it as later on you'll likely regret not spending that extra 1kk res that is now so easy for you to get and end up losing a moon with millions of res invested into it instead.

The size of a moon can be determined by the amount of res that you are prepared to spend to get the moon. Each moonchance is identifiable by a percentage factor. Each percent chance of getting a moon requires 100,000 units of debris to be created around your planet. This is done by either getting someone to crash a weaker fleet into your defense, or, by getting a stronger fleet to crash your fleet that sits on the planet surface. Each 100,000 units of debris will give a 1% chance of a moon appearing, with the maximum chance being at 20% (a meager 2million of debris).

3. Making A Moon

Below I have included a list of percentage moon chances (5, 10,15 and 20) and the number and type of each ship that you can use to create it. Note that while the list is accurate it does not list the losses. Each listing creates the minimum loss to be able to create the necessary DF, however some of the listings, such as the Cruisers will cause you more losses in lost Deuterium used to build the ships, that is not put into the DF.

5% Chance
417 Small Cargo Ships
139 Large Caro Ships
417 Light Fighters
167 Heavy Fighters
62 Cruisers
28 Battle Ships
56 Colony Ships
105 Recyclers
1667 Espionage Probes
23 Bombers
16 Destroyers

10% Chance
884 Small Cargo Ships
278 Large Caro Ships
834 Light Fighters
334 Heavy Fighters
124 Cruisers
56 Battle Ships
112 Colony Ships
209 Recyclers
3334 Espionage Probes
45 Bombers
31 Destroyers

15% Chance
1250 Small Cargo Ships
417 Large Caro Ships
1250 Light Fighters
500 Heavy Fighters
186 Cruisers
84 Battle Ships
167 Colony Ships
313 Recyclers
5000 Espionage Probes
67 Bombers
46 Destroyers

20% Chance
1667 Small Cargo Ships
566 Large Caro Ships
1667 Light Fighters
667 Heavy Fighters
247 Cruisers
112 Battle Ships
223 Colony Ships
417 Recyclers
6667 Espionage Probes
89 Bombers
3334 Solar satellites
61 Destroyers
1 Death Star

When you are successful you will receive a note at the end of the CR that will read something along the lines of...
The enormous amounts of drifting metal and crystal particles attract each other and slowly form a lunar satellite in the orbit of the planet.

When a moon is created the DF still exists, meaning that it can be harvested.

Moonchance Probabilities

There are often questions about the chances of getting a moon with multiple attempts. The following is the clearest explanation that I have ever come across regarding the matter.

The "20% moonshot" events are independent, and any one of them has a 20% chance of creating a moon, independently of previous attempts. If you want to work out the chances of getting at least 1 moon in a number of attempts, you can do so as follows...

The chance of a moon *not* occurring is 80% or 0.8. (Probability of No Moon = P)

The only way that a moon will *not* occur in 2 attempts is if the first attempt does not create a moon AND the second chance does not create a moon.

0.8 x 0.8 = 0.64

So you can say using 2 attempts, there is a 64% chance of no moon, or a 36% chance of getting one by the end of the 2nd attempt.

For 3 attempts...
0.8 x 0.8 x 0.8 = 0.512

Chance of no moon after 3 attempts is ~ 51%, chance of at least one moon by the end of 4 attempts is therefore ~49%.

The following table lists the chances of getting at least one moon by the end of so many attempts

1 attempt 20%
2 attempts 36%
3 attempts 49%
4 attempts 59%
5 attempts 67%
6 attempts 74%
7 attempts 79%
8 attempts 83%
9 attempts 87%
(100 attempts 99.999999979629640236655139137316%)
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Getting a moon
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