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 Expeditions and Merchants

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PostSubject: Expeditions and Merchants   Expeditions and Merchants Icon_minitimeThu Jul 10, 2008 8:40 am


What is an expedition?

In every solar system you will see a new slot show up, slot 16 which will not be able to be colonized. At this slot and only this slot you can send your fleet on a mission called an expedition. While on an expedition several events can happen, which will be explained below, and then your fleet returns home. Before being able to send a fleet on an expedition you will have to do research to get an expedition, which will also be explained below.

What can happen on an expedition?

There are several things that can happen on an expedition these are:

• Nothing (zero..nada...zip...not even fly-poo). Your fleet flies out there and stays there the amount of time and returns home with nothing to show for it’s journey.
• You find resources in an asteroid field, planet or just floating in space and are able to land on an asteroid and bring as much of that one resource you can carry home.
• You find some lost alien who gives you a container or you just find broken ships with dark matter (which can be traded for commander / officers) in it in exchange for some maps so he can find his way home.
• Your fleet meets some strange looking ships that attack it. Your fleet fights to save itself and is either destroyed or survives the attack. A Combat Report is created and then what is left of your fleet is sent back home.
• Your fleet makes a navigation-mistake and instead of the normal flight time to come back it will take longer or if your lucky your fleet finds a black hole and arrives home early.
• Your fleet wonders on the remains of a civilization and find some old ships laying around and brings them back.
• Your fleet disappears into the universe never to be seen from again.

What do I need to get the research to send an expedition?

First to have the research available for expedition you need to have the following research at the appropriate levels:

Research Lab at Level 3
Espionage at Level 4
Impulse Engine at Level 3

Now you are able to research the expedition technology which the initial level costs:

4,000 Metal
8,000 Crystal
4,000 Deuterium

and doubles for each level.

How long are expedition missions?

The amount of time it takes to do an expedition varies but yet is stable at the same time. First you must figure out how long it takes for your fleet with it’s composition and engine technology to reach slot 16 and return, this is the same as though you would be sending it to any other slot in your solar system. Now that you have that you can add the time to the time you stay in the slot. Once at the slot the MAX time your fleet can stay in the slot is the level of your expedition technology. So for example if you have level 1 expedition technology you can stay 1 hour, level 2=2 hours, etc. However on the fleet launching screen you are given a chance to say how many hours you wish to have your fleet stay out for depending on your level. For example if you have level 3 you can stay out 1 hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours, it’s your choice. However the minimum time you can spend in the slot is 1 hour. Note: It is better to send it out at the max time as you are more likely to find something rather than being sent home empty handed because the longer the fleet stays the higher is the chance that you find something.

Time to get to slot + Max Expedition Technology (or chosen time, at least 1 hour or more) + Time to return from the slot = Total time for expedition.

How many expeditions can you send?

The more expeditions that are sent to the same expedition-slot, whether by you or other players, the lower the chance of find something is. If a slot is not used for a while it “regenerates” and is more likely to contain something to be found.

However you can send as many expeditions as you are allowed. The amount you are allowed is not the same as your computer tech. which is something that makes this mission different than other missions. It is based on the square root of your Expedition level. For example lvl 1 = 1 fleet, lvl 4 = 2 fleets, lvl 9 = 3 fleets, etc.

Square-root of expedition-research-level = number of expeditions you can send out.

Can slot 16 be phalanxed?

Flat out NO, the slot CANNOT be phalanxed. However, the planet in which the fleet is sent from can be phalanxed, thus making it able to crash fleets sent on an expeditions as they return home. If you phalanx a fleet starting out on expedition you will see 3 missions saying that there is a expeditions mission. The first is the time to flying to the expedition, the second is the fleet holding at the expedition, and the final is the return time. Now you can phalanx the planet anytime during these periods and see the fleet flying. However you will have to phalanx when it’s returning to see any sort of change caused by the expedition.

Can you tell me more about the alien/pirate attacks? Can I win? Can I harvest the debris field?

Sure I can tell you more about the alien/pirates attacks. The alien/pirates attacks generally seem to attack with half the amount of ships you send in. The techs of the pirates are always 3 levels lower than your own techs and the aliens always have 3 levels higher than your techs. So if you send in a very diverse fleet you have a chance of having most of it come back, but no matter what you will undoubtedly lose some ships. Once the attack is over what’s left of your fleet heads for home. Unlike a regular fleet battle though you are unable to harvest the debris field as your crew seems to forget the location where the battle took place.

What type of ships can I find and how many can I find?

You can find any ships that you can make with the exception of a Deathstar. Generally you seem to find the types of ships that are in your expedition fleet. The amount of ships you can find is based on the structural integrity of the ships you sent on the expedition. You can find up to 20% of the structural integrity of the fleet that you sent on the expedition. However there is a max structural integrity in which you can reach and not find anymore ships which is 10,000,000.

Since the release of expeditions and the new knowledge of structural integrity being what limits the amount of ships, has set the following as the max number for each type of ship you can find in a single expedition (it was worth noting these may not be 100% accurate):

Small Cargo 125
Large Cargo 41
Light Fighter 125
Heavy Fighter 50
Cruiser 18
Battleship 8
Colony Ship 16
Recycler 31
Espionage Probe 500
Bomber 6
Destroyer 4
Deathstar 0
Battlecruiser 7

For a chance to figure out what the chances of you bringing home a certain amount and types of ships are you can use this calculator:


How much of a resource can I find?

The max amount of any amount of resources that can be found is 2,000,000 worth. So if you want to be able to bring home that much you will need to send a fleet that at least can carry 2,000,000 amount of resources.

The tool I pointed to in the question above, also calculates the cargo capabilities in your fleet so it is suggested that you look at that.

Any thing else you can tell me about the expeditions?

By sending an espionage probe with your fleet, you receive a message from the commanding officer of the expedition which will appear on the bottom of the expedition message stating something about the mission and/or how often the spot is seems to be visited.

For an estimate of the percentage of each event is likely to happen you can visit this Googledoc Excel spreadsheet made by several members of the community based on their experience with expeditions: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=p...t8MbfI5BU3EpuNw


What is a Merchant?

The Merchant is an officer in which you pay dark matter to call to trade resources with.

What happens when I call a Merchant?

When you call the merchant, the merchant comes to the planet you are on when you call him. So if you are on your home planet and you call him you and then switch to your colony he will not follow, he will remain on your home planet until he has traded with you. When he arrives he asks what you would like to give away first. You have the option of selecting only metal or crystal or deuterium. You cannot trade two resources at the same time. For example you can’t trade metal and deut for crystal, you would have to trade metal and then call the merchant again to trade the deut for the crystal. Click the submit button and then you are given an option in which you can enter in the amount of resources of the other materials that you did not select and it will tell you how much it will take from your planet. Click submit and the transaction takes place and the merchant leaves.

What rates does the Merchant Trade at and why?

The merchant trades at or near the 3:2:1 ratio. It generally is within 0.6 of that range and the difference is not in your favor most of the time. The reason it charges you slightly different as it wants to make a profit just like a human, yet at the same time it is trying to make up for the unbalanced in the building which is supposed to be 3:2:1.

How much can you trade?

You can only receive as much as you have storage-capacity for and afford to trade for. For example say you have 1 million metal you want to trade, but you already have 100 crystal and no crystal-storage, you can only sell enough metal to buy 99,900 worth of crystal, because then the storage is full. You of course can only give away as much of the resources as you have on the planet, the merchant is smart and won’t let you take anymore of his resources than what you have payment or storage room for.

How much does he cost to call?

He costs 2500 Dark Matter to call to one planet. He will stay there as long as you have not completed the trade but his offer never changes so it is not worth keeping him there long unless your are waiting for a large amount of resources to come in.
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Expeditions and Merchants
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